HUBZone Certified Small Business - STARS II 8(a) Prime Contractor

TTC focuses on our customers and their mission. We provide expertly trained and experienced staff with the appropriate processes and procedures to carry out mission requirements efficiently. TTC has a very effective and successful history hiring and retaining staff. Our success is due in part to our employee-centric approach, including formal career development plans, technical and professional training, financial growth, and a competitive benefits package.

Our management system assures that we apply appropriate CMMI Level 2 and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) procedures to our current service delivery and that ongoing internal reviews guide future plans. We proactively solicit customer feedback to improve our processes. Our PMs regularly examines key project performance standards and levels as indicators of product and service quality to identify opportunities for process enhancement.

SharePoint Development and Support Services

Knowledge is power. Never has this been truer than in the accelerating business environments of the 21st century. Knowledge is derived from information. And information is the effectiverecording, consolidation, organization and management of data.

Data in and of itself is of minimal use, a mere collection of facts that yields little in the way of insight. But once put in a summarized and connected formation, trends and relationships of data can be discovered and information is the result. This information is used to determine past and current state. But more importantly, it can predict the future and allow capitalization concerning strategic business initiatives and activities. Knowing the future is real power!

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Video Teleconferencing, Audio/Visual

The distinctions between voice, data and video communications have converged to the point of non-existence. Mobile devices have become the chosen delivery device in business communications world-wide. Unified communications technologies supporting these mobile devices have created a new business environment; virtual worlds largely absent the constraints of time or distance. Information in all forms must now be available everywhere in real-time and on demand. Companies evolving into this new unified environment will survive and prosper, those that do not will perish.

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Network Design and Installation

As business environments move to converged communications their local supporting communications networks must adapt was well. The analog phone has given way to digital and cellular, business meetings to video-teleconferencing, messaging to social media. The supporting high speed backbone for these communications is in place and available to most business. It is the “last mile” of connectivity at local offices that represent the most significant impediment to access the immense power of this network. It is here that TTC’s Network Design and Installation capabilities are focused.

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IT Consulting and Staff Augmentation

The business of business is people. Staffing the right people for the work with the education, training, skills, and motivation to execute the mission is the core of any successful business enterprise. TTC’s philosophy on staffing, whether in our own company or when consulting with or augmenting a client workforce, is one of authority, responsibility and accountability. When properly aligned, these three factors all but guarantee success.

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Customized Application, Software & Database Development

In choosing applications to support their operations, businesses are often faced with a difficult choice. Change their business processes to fit particular commercial software or have applications designed to fit their current business model both internally and externally to customers? “Out of the box” software, if properly installed and configured, is an appropriate solution for some less complex and diversified companies. For those companies with specialized products, services or processes, customized applications and software provide a solution specifically suited to meet their needs and that of their online customers.

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Information Assurance

The basic principles of Information Assurance (IA) that encompass the integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation and confidentiality of user data are well known in most current business environments. However, the actual implementation of the technology, processes and procedures that manage the risk of a data security breach are less well understood. Cyber threats continually evolve and counter strategies must evolve as well. Meeting the requirements of government mandates, be they securing non classified or classified networks, personal identifying information of customers or employees or safe guarding medical records and information sets the minimum of protection.

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Health IT

At the heart of Health IT is the technology of securely sharing information, such as electronic health records (EHR), and all other information that strengthens healthcare, advances scientific knowledge and innovation, improves the well-being of American people, and ensures efficiency, transparency, accountability and effectiveness of public health programs. TTC provides solutions to healthcare providers and to federal agencies under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), that are innovative, agile and easy to use. Protecting the health of all is a goal of our society – and technology has a great impact on its implementation and accomplishment. TTC’s Health IT practice positively transforms healthcare through the best use of technology, making it more accessible, affordable and effective.

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