HUBZone Certified Small Business - STARS II 8(a) Prime Contractor

Video Teleconferencing, Audio/Visual

The distinctions between voice, data and video communications have converged to the point of non-existence. Mobile devices have become the chosen delivery device in business communications world-wide. Unified communications technologies supporting these mobile devices have created a new business environment; virtual worlds largely absent the constraints of time or distance. Information in all forms must now be available everywhere in real-time and on demand. Companies evolving into this new unified environment will survive and prosper, those that do not will perish.

TTC’s approach to guiding clients into this ever changing unified communications environment begins with obtaining a clear understanding of our client’s customers and the IT solutions that best enhance their ability to reach them. TTC is IT vendor neutral using the most well-recognized and established suppliers and service providers in our design and installation process based solely on what is in our clients’ best interest. With this approach, technology is most often the easiest part of our job. The real work and TTC’s focus is determining what mix of voice, data and video is needed and to create a unified communications solution that most effectively accomplishes our client’s goals.

Collaboration and communication has changed and has become more vital than ever for mission success. Video teleconferencing places people at the center of the collaboration experience and optimizes the understanding and comprehension of effective communication with visual elements. Mission success comes from the collaboration across distances and devices. When communications are enhanced with Video Teleconferencing/Audio Visual (VTC/AV) it increases efficiency and workflow, improves performance and productivity, and reduces risks to the TRADOC mission. TTC ties together different VTC/AV technologies to create a seamless collaboration experience that sits invisibly in the background allowing team members to concentrate on their work.

55% of impactful communication is non-verbal. Communication is improved with visual, non-verbal cues that aid in comprehension, gauge understanding, agreement, and support mission integrity

TTC TRADOC VTC/AV Support provides:

  • Seamless ISDN to IP transition for its customers.
  • Integration of existing infrastructure to communicate and operate with several DOD agencies whether running legacy or cutting edge infrastructure.
  • Support during customer transition from the now retired Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Defense Video System (DVS) to the current DISA Global Video System (GVS).

These systems are installed at various locations such as auditoriums, conference rooms, executive suites, team rooms, mobile VTC carts, and personal desktop VTC systems. These VTC systems are networked together with dedicated network switches, bridges, and cabling (Back End) and centrally controlled using specialized VTC /AV Software, Hardware, and control appliances (Front End). In addition, TTC also provides proposals for improvements to and the interoperability of existing VTC systems, proposals for upgrade to VTC systems within TRADOC, and operation manuals for equipment use instructions.