System and Network Engineering/Administration, Integration, and Installation

TTC provides USAF AFLCMC Kessel Run (KR), the Program Office for the Air Operations Center (AOC) Weapon System (WS) and ACC/A5C support to develop, acquire, field, modernize, integrate, standardize and sustain unit- and theater-level Command and Control (C2) war fighting capabilities to the Combined/Joint Forces Air Component Commander (C/JFACC) and Mission Partners.  Working collaborative with our prime and the Government, TTC provides IT, network and third-party integration, configuration management, testing and subject matter expertise.  We provide systems engineering services to support release engineering and the design, integration, test, fielding, sustainment, and modification of the AOC WS to satisfy operational, performance, functional and security requirements.  We apply Agile, Scrum and DevSecOps methodologies to the systems development life cycle (SDLC) employed to integrate, test, deliver, migrate, and maintain legacy and third-party applications with the objective to provide rapid, reliable, low-risk deployment and hosting within the cloud.

TTC provided the Consortium for Medicaid and Children’s Health Operations (CMCHO) a fully developed collaboration platform. TTC directly supported the CMS/CIO customizing the CMS SharePoint standard enterprise collaboration tool and information repository for the entire agency. We delivered solutions to US Army Aviation Knowledge Network (AKN) supporting TRADOC with Program Management, Network Operations / System Administration, Configuration and Asset Management, Database Administration, IA, Help Desk, Training, and VTC Facilitation. TTC provided VTC/AV network/systems installation, and O&M for over 130 custom engineered systems for multiple US ARMY locations. These systems are networked together with dedicated network switches, bridges, and cabling (Back End) and centrally controlled using specialized software, hardware, and control appliances (Front End). TTC provided Army/DHRA improvements for interoperability and upgrade of existing systems, and operation manuals for equipment.