Flight Instruction/Training, Modeling and Simulation (M&S)

TTC supports U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command Fighter Weapons School conducting research and analysis to develop Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and analytical reports; as a result, we enhance tactical and strategic survivability and lethality decisions via quantitative and qualitative techniques. TTC utilizes operations research methodologies, statistical analysis, and simulation tools to analyze system alternatives and develop recommendations in terms of mission effectiveness, vulnerability, and cost. TTC supports the 5th Generation, Large Force Exercise (LFE) Project Analysis to capture cost of the current LFE execution; provide cost estimates to operate the proposed changes to the LFE to accommodate integrated 4th/5th generation Air/Space/Cyber weapons system integrated execution; examine courses of action associated with defining proposed changes; scoping study efforts for establishing the proposed actions to execution; and provide guidance for management of these actions while they are planned and executed.  TTC’s support for the Fighter Weapons School includes Civil Engineering support for the build-outs of the expansion of the Fighter Weapons School and simulator centers, personnel and information security management, 4th and 5th Gen simulator instructor pilots, air battle managers/weapons directors, bomb analysts, scheduling and cyber operations both offensive and defensive.



USAF 26th Weapons Squadron

USAF 16th Weapons Squadron