TTC understands our clients’ needs. Our technical expertise is accompanied by our focus on customer satisfaction – we want to make our clients happy.

TTC Receives DPAS Firewall Exceptional CPARS

TTC’s support of the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) was praised as an “intricate and integrated team-member with the Government with a distinguished service delivery record at VSCOS.”  VSCOS stated TTC, “…conducts themselves with VSCOS as a mission-focused partner working closely with the Government highly responsive to ensure requirements are met / exceeded.  VSCOS could not meet on-going mission critical operations and technical requirements without the TTC contractor team.” 

HHS/CMS Praises TTC’s Enterprise-Wide Team

TTC’s successfully deployed Microsoft SharePoint to all CMS business units and earned a Firewall Exceptional CPARS rating for their efforts.  CMS commended the entire team stating, “TTC and their team have been great. Going above what we are expecting from them. They go out of their way to make sure our customers are happy.”

DOT/FRA Commends TTC’s eCollaboration Team

TTC’s DOT/FRA team support to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Deputy CIO, Web Program Manager,

eCollaboration Team Leader, Webmaster, Records Management Officer (RMO), The Office of Chief Council (RCC), The Office of Research and Policy Development (RPD), and selected program office staff was honored with a Firewall Exception CPAR for their consistent performance exceeding the Government’s requirements.


TTC DOI/BIO Management Team Receives Kudos

TTC’s DOI/BIO team was honored by the Government as a“…quality of staff that provides services to the government is exceptional.  TTC’s quality of operations, attention to detail and government requests is stellar.”  These efforts earned TTC a firewall Exceptional rated CPARS.

TTC Customers Include

Department of Defense

Department of
Homeland Security

DOT FRA (Department of Transportation – Federal Railroad Administration)

DOI (Department of Interior)

NSF (National Science Foundation)

USDA (Department of Agriculture)

Air Force

CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid)

TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development)

U.S. Air Force Weapons Schools

U.S. Air Force Kessel Run

U.S. Air Force Material Command

U.S. Air Force LCMC

U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command